Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Outside Canada

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Outside Canada

NGOs outside of Canada are encouraged to join the CCR, although they are considered non-voting members. Benefits include regular, informative mailings.

To apply to become a non-Canadian member of the CCR, please complete the CCR Member form and select "Non-Canadian" as 'Type of member' and attach the required documents. The membership fee structure tells you what fee to pay according to your organization's budget.

Applications for membership are subject to approval by the CCR Executive Committee. For the Committee to evaluate a membership application from an organization the following information is needed:

  • A completed online application form, including the following attached:
    • a copy of your organisation's constitution or mission statement, if one exists, or a description of the agency's work relating to refugees and immigrants
    • a copy of your organization's most recent, complete financial statement
    • confirmation that the Board or Executive committee has endorsed application for membership in the Canadian Council for Refugees (e.g. extract from minutes)
  • The first year's membership fee (Note: organizations in non-Western countries are eligible for an exemption of membership fees - see guidelines below)

Guidelines for Non-Western organizations offered non-paying membership

Applicants from non-Western countries are exempted from membership dues, but are asked to identify their areas of interest and the benefits that they are seeking from membership in the CCR. A CCR contact person will be designated for each non-Canadian non-paying member to communicate with the member from time to time. In lieu of payment of fees the CCR will annually require from the organization a letter stating their interest in continuing as members of the CCR.

To apply to become a non-Canadian non-paying member of the Canadian Council for refugees, fill out the Member form and mark on it that you are applying to be a non-paying non-Canadian member. Mail it to the CCR office with the required documents.

Once we receive your completed application we will present it for approval to the next meeting of the CCR Executive Committee (at the time of the next Consultation or Working Group meeting, whichever comes first), and you will be informed of the outcome.