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Because what we do is unique!

Bringing people together

We are an umbrella organization that brings together refugee, refugee claimant, newcomer and immigrant serving organizations from coast to coast. These organizations are our members, and we work to provide them with workshops to gain skills they need to improve their services, and the opportunity to learn from each other's best practices.

Making sure Canada stays open

We're an independent non-governmental organization that receives no core funding from the government. We've also been around for over 40 years and have proven our effectiveness in working to ensure that Canada remains open to refugees and immigrants in the future.

Speaking out loud
The CCR serves the advocacy and policy development needs of our members, so they can stay focused on the work they do best. Every year, we host at least one national consultation with our members where we develop resolutions that guide our advocacy and policy work. Then we work on these advocacy goals through communications with government and media. This means that the refugee and newcomer serving organizations in Canada have a loud and unified voice that puts pressure on those in power to protect refugee rights.
We also do lots of other things!
We have a Youth Network that works to engage refugee and newcomer youth in Canada to become leaders in their communities.

We have an Anti-Trafficking Committee and a Migrant Workers Committee, which hold Forums in tandem with our annual consultations and work year-round on these specific issues.

We also have a Legal Affairs Committee that bring our advocacy into the courtroom, taking on key cases of national importance for the protection of refugee and refugee claimant rights in Canada.

Your generosity allows us to continue this vital work of being vocal advocates for refugee rights, and helping our members deepen their skills and network to best serve refugees, newcomers and refugee claimants in Canada.