Frequently asked questions about the Canadian Council for Refugees and membership

Q. What are the membership fees?

A. Membership fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on your organization's annual budget. Click here for the fee scale.

Q. How long is the CCR membership term for?

A. One calendar year - from 1 January to 31 December.

Q. When are membership fees due?

A. We require that members pay their annual member dues by the Spring Consultation (May or June). If, for budgeting reasons, your organization is unable to pay its dues in the first month of any year, we are open to requests for an extension to accommodate your organization’s situation.

If we haven't received your organization's renewal dues by the Spring Consultation, or a request for postponement, we will no longer be able to consider you a member. Mailings, access to online accounts and other benefits will stop.

Q. How are members notified to renew their membership dues?

A. The CCR office sends invoices to all its members in January, and a reminder notice one month before the Spring Consultation. If members have not paid by then, they can do so at the Spring Consultation registration desk.

Q. If a national organization joins the CCR (for example, the United Church of Canada's national office), can the branch offices or local parishes enjoy the benefits of membership?

A. The local bodies can benefit from the preferential CCR member registration rate at CCR Consultations. However, the mailings by the CCR office will be sent only to the designated member (the national office). To receive regular communications, the local bodies would have to take out their own membership. Note: there is only one vote per member organization.

Q. I'm with a CCR member organization. How do I set up my personalized account on the CCR website?

A. Individuals affiliated with a CCR member organization (staff members, volunteers, members of the Board) can access information on the members-only section of the CCR website by setting up a personal account at:

Q. Is there a special membership rate for students?

A. Since the CCR is an umbrella association with primarily organizations and groups as its members, we do not have categories for individual membership other than Associate Member.

Q. Who do I contact if my question isn't here?

A. See the Contact Us section for more details.