Oppose the anti-refugee provisions in the budget bill!

Bill C-97, the federal budget bill, includes changes to the refugee determination system that will put many people at increased risk of being sent back to face persecution, in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and of Canada’s international human rights obligations.

The Finance Committee was originally scheduled to study most of Bill C-97, including the refugee determination parts. However, thanks to broad advocacy efforts, the refugee provisions in the budget bill (Bill C-97) have been sent for study by the Citizenship and Immigration Committee.

Take action by contacting Members of Parliament and Senators to protest at the inclusion of these offensive provisions in a budget bill, where they will not receive the attention they need. Share this document that explains the concerns

Participate in the Amnesty International campaign through which people can send an email to the Committee and their MP asking that they reject these amendments in Bill C-97: www.amnesty.ca/blog/canada-dont-roll-back-refugee-rights