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Many people in Canada have no status or only precarious status. The reasons for this are many and often related to barriers and delays in immigration and refugee laws and practices.
We must provide #StatusForAll those living and working in Canada

Most of those with precarious or no status are racialized and many are women. The immigration system is a reflection of our societies’ major flaws: racism, sexism, inequity, and other isms making people yet more vulnerable to oppression based on their race, economic status, sexuality, gender identity/expression, and other prohibited grounds. In maintaining and enforcing oppressive immigration rules, Canada is complicit with those in our society who exploit people’s labour or engage in intimate partner violence.

We call on the Canadian government to reform the immigration system to bring an end to our two-tiered society and to provide permanent status to all those living and working here, recognizing their dignity and rights as human beings.

Minister Miller has announced that a regularization program is currently in development and expected in Spring 2024.

Please join our call for a broad and comprehensive program and use the form below to write a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister Miller and your MP.

We invite you to adapt it as relevant. Please add a brief description of your organization and why regularization is important in your work (if writing on behalf of an organization), or say a few words about yourself (if writing as an individual). If writing to a local MP, mention that you/your organization are in their constituency.

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