Private sponsorship refusals: recourses


Webinar participants heard from an experienced lawyer how to understand a refusal of an application by a privately sponsored refugee and what do about it.  We looked at the practical steps, including deadlines, filing requirements in Federal Court, obtaining the officer's notes, and the relevant documents needed.  We also focused on identifying critical issues, and how to assess them. 

This webinar was jointly organized by the Réseau des Organismes et Groupes de parrainage des réfugiés au Québec (ROGPRAQ).

Cette session a eu lieu en anglais.

13 April 2017

Presenter: Tim Wichert, lawyer

Tim Wichert is a lawyer based in Toronto, working with Jackman, Nazami & Associates.  He focuses on refugee law, with a particular focus on judicial reviews (appeals) of refused refugee sponsorships.  In the past, he also worked as Program Coordinator for a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH).

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