After Bill C-31: Changes to humanitarian and compassionate applications


This webinar is for anyone interested in learning about the new rules for applying for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds after Bill C-31, the Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act, received Royal Assent in June 2012. Laïla Demirdache and Heather Neufeld, immigration and refugee lawyers, attempted to answer questions such as:

  • Who is caught by the one-year bar on submitting a humanitarian application after a negative refugee decision?
  • What factors can presently be argued in a humanitarian application
  • What happens to individuals whose humanitarian application is pending at the time they are set to be deported from Canada?

Laïla and Heather took questions on these and other issues related to H&C applications during the webinar.

Listen to the webinar here.

*Note: this webinar presentation will be in English, but the presenters can also take questions in French.*

Monday 29 October, 1-2 pm (Eastern time)


With Heather Neufeld and Laïla Demirdache. Laïla Demiradache is a lawyer with Community Legal Services Ottawa Centre. Heather is a staff lawyer in immigration and refugee law at South Ottawa Community Legal Services, a legal clinic, and a member of the CCR Executive Committee.

Resources from the webinar

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